Thursday, October 15, 2009

Untrammeled Euphoria

President Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize, confirming how little peace actually matters.  The Senate Finance Committee passes a health care bill, the contents of which confirm once and for all that each country has the government that it deserves and deserves the government that it has. Dow passes 10,000 for the third time ever, confirming that the declining currency can do wonders in a "how high a number can we ring on this register?" game.

Champagne gushing out from bottles of Moet opened with an awkward stike of a butcher's knife, we dance on the freshly dug grave of the Great Recession. We take turns to blow air into a giant tube (of the sort used to take down whole countries) connected, for the time being, to a no-less impressive in size baloon.  The baloon is, of course, a horizontally striped red-white affair with a blue top. Quickly expanding, it is mesmerizing to watch, not least thanks to the dizzyness and the oxygen starvation that is an inevitable consequence of trying to blow too much air out of our lungs and into a pressurized container.

Speaking of oxygen starvation and of blowing hot air: how well do you think your brain would function if you had to talk as much as Jim Cramer does every day. Not very well at all, I bet.

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